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Experienced Project Management Resources are required throughout the energy industry...

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Elvoin Inspection Services LTD has been providing Project Management Resources to The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) since 2010. Some of our experts have also been seconded to BPTT and BHP Billiton on various projects which include the following:



  2. NGC Projects:

    1. Phoenix Park Valve Station Upgrade Project.

    1. Diversion of a Section Of The 609Ø Pipeline To NGC's Union Industrial Estate Facility.

    1. Replacement of Windwalls for the Teak and Poui Offshore Platforms.

    1. BG to Domestic Interconnect Pipeline Project.

    1. Construction of a Pipeline & Metering Station to Coosal Construction Company.

    1. Poui and Teak Platform Compressor Deck Sheets Replacement Project.

    1. Construction of a Pipeline & Metering Station to Couva Children's Hospital & Multi-Training Facility (CCH) Project.

    1. Construction of Bund Wall for Beachfield Condensate Tanks Project.

    1. Construction of NGC Field Office CNG Filling Station Project. 

BPTT Projects:

    1. BPTT Cassia-B Turnaround 2013

    1. BPTT Amherstiia Turnaround 2013

    1. BPTT Flambouyant F4S Project 2014

    1. BPTT Immortelle Turnaround (Appraise and Select Stage) 2014

    1. BPTT Cashima Turnaround (Appraise and Select Stage) 2014


BHP Billiton Project:

    1. Angostura Gas Project 2010.